The cost of a buying a conservatory for your home is clearly going to be dictated by 2 main factors, namely the style and the size. The bigger and more fancy the room you want, the more you are likely to pay to have it installed. Up-front costs are not the only thing to consider, don’t forget you may need to do interior décor & furnishing or blinds & curtains – all these things add to the final cost.

The most common materials used in the construction of conservatories would be uPVC, Hardwood, Engineered Wood or Aluminium. Out of these materials, uPVC is most likely to offer the lowest installation price and ongoing maintenance costs.

Example Costs for Fitted Conservatories.

lean veranda

Orangery or Bespoke conservatories, as you might expect, are at the upper end of the prices range as they would tend to be larger and more complex designs that are built to order.

Having said that, even adding features like dwarf walls or any type of masonry to a small conservatory will drive up the end cost.

Some extra's or features that can impact pricing.

  • The number of opening window lights
  • Conservatory door design
  • Specialised glass: toughened / laminated / patterned / low-e
  • Sealed double glazed (or triple glazed) thermal gap (5-21mm)
  • Window Energy Ratings
  • Coloured uPVC or Wooodgrain
  • Window & door furniture
  • Roof: glass or poly-carbonate
  • Brickwork, block-work or masonry
  • Size - do you need planning permission?
  • Access - is it difficult for builders to get materials in and out?
  • Quality of materials, guarantees & warranties

In order to give yourself the best chances of finding a really good deal, don't be reluctant to shop around by getting written quotes from a number of different companies - try to select installers that have recognised trade accreditation from GGF / FENSA / CERTASS or DGCOS and then negotiate for a price that is the best that is on offer with the installers of your choice.

What follows is a representative sample of conservatory prices found online – the cost for your home will be different. These prices are for information only & don't represent an offer to buy or sell.

Lean-touPVCstart from £3,000 to £5,000
VictorianuPVCstart from £4,000 +
P / T / L ShapeduPVCstart from £5,000 +
OrangeriesVarious combinationsstart from £10,000 to £35,000 +

Quotes for Fully Fitted Conservatories From Local & National Companies

Find out more about the cost of a new Conservatory or Orangery for your property.