The cost of fully fitted double glazed windows can vary across the UK, but in general it is a very competitive market and if you shop around you could find something within your budget in terms of quality & products.

Obviously, the more windows you want to buy the more you will have to spend, but the cost per individual window should work out less if you are buying more than 1 at a time. Most come with a 10 Year guarantee but you should also get a good workmanship warranty that covers any potential problems for a reasonable period after the windows are installed.

What follows is a representative sample of double glazing cost found online – the cost for your home will be different. These prices are for information only & don't represent an offer to buy or sell.

Example Costs for double glazed windows.

woodgrain upvc sash windowThere is more to take into account than just the main dimensions of the window itself, there are quite a few other features that can either lower or raise the cost of your work, for example the quality of the frames themselves & the material, uPVC can be quite low priced in comparison to hardwood or if you choose to have a wood grain coloured uPVC window this design will be more expensive than a standard plain white version.

The number of opening windows within the frame can also change the price, as can the type of glass. The double glazed window panes come in different versions, usually you can find sealed units with different width "air gaps", these can range from 5mm to 21mm with options to have the gap filled with an inert energy saving gas such as Argon.

The Window Energy Rating (WER) is designated on each unit (applies to the whole window + frames, not just the glass) and it you can expect to find that the higher the WER, the higher the initial pricing.

For Sash windows, traditional wooden box sash models will be more costly than any uPVC Casement Window and if you need a bespoke design because of matching your existing property, such as a Bay or Bow Window, or if there is some kind of planning requirement then the cost will definitely be at the top end of the range.

Casement Windows Price Guide

Single Opener Casement: 600mm x 900mmWhite uPVCfrom £200
Single Opener Casement: 1200mm x 1200mmWhite uPVCfrom £300
Single Opener Casement:940mm x 1600mmWhite uPVCfrom £450
Full House Casement: 3 bedroom, 12 windowsWhite uPVCfrom £4,500 +

Sash Windows Cost Guide

SASH: 600mm x 900mmWhite uPVCfrom £500
SASH: 1200mm x 1200mmWhite uPVCfrom £600
Full House Sash:Quality woodfrom £10,000+

Tilting & Turning Window Prices Guide

Tilt & Turn: 2 light - 1200mmWoodenfrom £800
Tilt & Turn: 2400mm x 1200mmWhite uPVCfrom £500
Tilt & Turn: 1600mm x 900mmWhite uPVCfrom £240+

Double Glazing Prices Online

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