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How to Find a Good Double Glazing Windows Company?
March 9, 2015
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Buying UPVC Front Doors Online

How Much Does a uPVC Front Door Cost?

Different types of Front Doors

Buying UPVC Front Doors Online It would be fair to say that top of the list for any home is security & style when considering entrance or patio doors. When new house doors are well designed & fitted properly they are sure to give any homeowner a sense of pride along with the knowledge that the family is safe. Whether you are considering Conservatory, Patio, Bi-fold, French or Front Doors they need to look great, function properly and add value to your house, no matter whether your choice of material is Hard or Softwood, uPVC, Aluminium or Composite.

For your main entrance, a good choice would be modern uPVC or Composite designs as they offer exceptional lifespan, a choice of colours and locking systems that attach on multiple points around the frames so that they are immensely secure. In fact, multi-point locks are a “must have” for any external facing doors to your home.

Bi-Fold Doors & other types of Patio Doors should have features such as anti-lift tracks and in order to cope with heat build-up inside the home from the large amount of glass, it is suggested to use low emissivity double or triple glazed sealed units where possible – this will help to manage & regulate internal temperature during hot weather and reduce heat loss during colder periods.

For larger entrance doors on the front of the property (the average door size is about 6 feet 6 inches x 2 feet 6 inches) it is possible to add double glazed side & top panels – these can be in uPVC, Hardwood or Aluminium depending on your personal style.

If you are a fan of Hardwood, why not ask about using Idigbo, or Sapele, It’s West African brown /yellow hardwood that is quite durable and often used as a less expensive alternative to Oak & Teak with properties that make it easy for manufacturers to use in the design & construction of windows, doors or general joinery / carpentry applications. Both of these woods can be stained to alter the ain colour and if looked after, last a very long time.

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