House Porches & Awnings

Adding a Porch can create a useful space that not only gives your entrance a new look, it can also help reduce heat loss & improve the security of your home. There are options to build just a simple awning over the front door to creating a fully enclosed protected area that can be used for furniture or storage which will also add square footage and therefore value.

With probably over half a dozen different roofing options you should be able to build a porch that exactly suits your property.

The Porch can be constructed from wood, uPVC, brickwork or a combination of either and if you add double glazing & uPVC Doors you will not only make it more energy efficient it will also provide you with a more secure extension.

Building extensions to the front of the property is a tricky subject, with most porches not needing planning permission, but there are some exceptions:

  • The outside dimension of the floor area is over 3 square metres.
  • The highest part is more than 3 metres above ground height
  • Part of your porch is within 2 metres of a house or road boundary

If your porch exceeds these criteria then it will need planning permission – also note that this does not include building regulation requirements which are separate (learn more about planning here).

What does it cost to build a Porch?

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