Cost Guide

Buyers Cost Guides:

Example Prices for the Cost of Fully Fitted Home Improvements

To give you an idea of the likely amount of money needed to install various home improvements we have put together a series of 'Buyers Guides'. The costs shown in the categories are for general information only and you should bear in mind that the final cost of buying any given product can vary dependent on your specific requirements.

  • Always get a written quotation from a properly accredited contractor or company.

Categories of Works - select your home improvement & click on the link to view example prices.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

1Will my quote be from a reputable company?

We take care to connect only with companies, contractors & installers that are certified or accredited in the appropriate sector for the work that they quote. In this way, you can be confident that any company that provides you with a quotation is competent to do the work & has been pre-vetted by an industry recognised trade association.

2Do you charge a fee for the quotes?

No we don't charge a fee & the installers that we connect you with provide free, no obligation quotations for the cost of your chosen home improvement. We do not receive commission from any company or contractor who provides quotes & we retain our independence and receive no financial incentive whether you eventually chose to use (or not to use) any company who provides a quotation via our services.

3Why use your services?

Month after month we connect hundreds of UK homeowners with trusted home improvement companies via our access to a UK nationwide panel, which means you can easily reach the most competitive installers saving you valuable time. Not only that, but companies that quote for you know that they are up against at least 2 other similar rivals and this encourages them to be competitive in their pricing.

All quotes are from certified installers, quotes are free, there is no obligation to buy & by having a wide selection of home improvement categories in one place, it reduces the time needed to search for products & providers as we offer a "1 stop shop" for getting quotes.

4Is there any obligation to buy from the companies that quote?

As with all the quotes supplied, they are provided without any obligation to use the services or buy the products of the company that provides the quotes.

You are free to get as many quotes as you like and then decide at your leisure which one is more suited to your needs.

5How does it work?

It's very simple & quick to request a quotation, choose your product or service, enter a few basic details about your work on a short form & submit the form to us (it should take under a minute to enter & submit your request).

Once we receive your quote request, we match you to suitable installers from the panel who then contact you directly in order to provide you with prices for your chosen home improvement.

6Can I have quotes for more than 1 type of home improvement?

Yes you can, it’s not unusual for our visitors to want more than 1 product or service, for example Windows & Doors or Solar PV & Thermal Panels at the same time.

If you want multiple product quotes then just use one or more of our simple enquiry forms to send us the details.