Bathroom and Fitted Kitchen Prices

How Much Does A Fitted Kitchen Cost & What Are Fitted Bathroom Prices?

How Much Does A Fitted Kitchen CostThese are two rooms in your house that get used a lot, small and cramped bathrooms can cause frustrations for families when everyone wants to get in there at the same time, and as for kitchens, a badly designed or worn out one can make mealtimes a chore and stop you from enjoying the social aspect of the room.

You may not want to fully replace the whole contents of the room, maybe just a change of decor or replacing cupboard drawer fronts or doors will make all the difference - in any event, there are loads of options to look at when it comes to upgrading.

Once more, budgeting is an important factor if you are looking at value for money or if you are doing the work purely to increase the resale value of your property – it's estimated that a new kitchen can improve the value of a home by up to 5% and bathrooms by about 2% (see buyers guides)

  • When getting quotations for the costs, don't forget to allow some reserve cash for unexpected expenses and confirm whether the price includes removal & disposal of your existing fixtures & fittings.
  • Confirm that the quote includes VAT and is for a fully fitted job.
  • Any plumbing or electrical work (make sure its certified with RCD's & trip switches) should be carried out by professionally qualified trades-persons.
  • Installation prices can be heavily influenced by the cost & quality of appliances used (cookers, hobs, fridges, bath, shower etc).

Typical Bathroom & Fitted Kitchen Prices.

How Much Does A Fitted Bathroom Cost This pricing information is just a convenient and approximate guide for you to get an idea of the likely costs involved in re-modelling your home, the final cost of your work will be different and depend upon who you use and the quality of the fixtures & fittings. They are not an offer to buy or sell.

Kitchen Conversions work details Sample Costs
Cupboard Doors - basic qualityreplace up to 10 doublefrom £200 - 400
Basic Ikea Kitchenwithout appliances or fittingfrom £533
New Fitted Kitchenaverage size roomfrom £5,000 - 8,000+
Bespoke Fitted Kitchenfull replacementfrom £10,000 +

Always get written quotes from a number of independent contractors or companies - use installers that have recognised trade accreditation from an appropriate trade organisation.

Bathroom Conversions work details Sample Costs
Sales Price Basicreplace old (4 piece + bath)from £2,000
Basicreplace old (4 piece + shower)from £2,500
Walk-in Showerfully fitted good qualityfrom £2,5,00 - 3,000+
Luxuryfull replacementfrom £3,000 +

Quotes for Bathroom and Fitted Kitchen Prices

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