Where can I Find Coloured Double Glazed Windows?
Where can I Find Coloured Double Glazed Windows?
March 15, 2015
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April 10, 2015
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Energy Saving Tips For Windows & Glass Doors.


Upgrading your older glazed units

If you have already installed windows & doors some time ago, you may not have had the opportunity or the budget to fit them with the best energy efficient glazed units and you could be causing yourself higher home energy bills as a result.

If you are not in the position to make a full brand new installation, maybe the following info could help you lower your bills a little.

Using ‘after-market’ Window Film

You can now get ‘low-e’ (low emissivity) tinted filming for your windows & it can make a difference even if your windows are only single glazed, as one manufacturer claims that heat loss can be reduced by 28% 19% on single & double glazed window units respectively. Given the price of energy these days (and the forthcoming increases) these reductions could add up to a tidy sum over the life of your patio doors, for example, because there is such a large area of glass involved.

Other benefits to filming the windows are reduction in glare and ultraviolet light penetration, but don’t get the impression that these filming products are going to be dark or turn your windows into mirrors as this is not true because a vast majority of the applications are clear & fully transparent. However, if you are going for very low priced budget options, then you may need to to be wary of any rippling or loss of clarity.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost solution to heat & energy loss control.
  • Can be installed as a DIY Project.
  • Filter out UVA & UVB rays (cancer causing radiated light source).
  • Tinted films can increase privacy.
  • Safety features – can hold glass in place if broken.
  • Reduce Glare by up to 95% & cut internal heat build-up.
  • Especially useful for large glass rooms such as a conservatory.
  • Easy to install, no maintenance.
  • Removable & replaceable at any time.
  • Commercial & residential applications

In terms of having the work done, as mentioned previously, this can be an uncomplicated task to do it yourself, but it is best undertaken after studying the instructions provided with the purchase – you can get filming kits at most large home improvement suppliers, such as Homebase, Wickes, Homebase or similar.

Professional firms also offer supply & installation services which, although more expensive, can be useful if you need to upgrade your glazing to meet building regulations or if you want to have some kind of written & visible guarantee on the workmanship.

Fitted to the inside of the window (by any DIY enthusiast) the filming can come in light to heavy grades, can have a guarantee of up to 10 years  and is a very cost effective

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