Free Boiler Grants

Free Boiler Grants – How do I Get a Free Boiler?

Heavily subsidised or even free boiler installations are available through a Grant system in the UK – often referred to as:

  • UK Government ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation)
  • HHCRO – The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
  • The Affordable Warmth Obligation

However, in order to qualify for a boiler grant, applicants would need to meet a number of criteria from a defined list. These Grants are designed to provide a means of finance to replace older & inefficient Gas Boiler installations, would usually cover the full cost of the work and do not need to be repaid.

Initial Points to Note

Applicants should be the home owner, private tenant (get permission from the landlord to apply) or the landlord of the property. The property in question is required to be connected to mains Gas. – there is no grant to replace the complete central heating system at present.

For a Free Boiler Replacement, the one to be replaced needs to be 8yrs old (or over), otherwise it must be significantly faulty or broken. A survey (free of charge) has to be done to assess the level of grant available to the applicant or if a contribution will be required toward the cost – some extra work is not covered under the grant and the survey will be able to identify what is, and what is not, eligible.

Who Qualifies for financial assistance?

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Someone living in the household must receive one of the benefits listed on the left below.

Pension Credit and Child Tax Credit qualify without additional criteria and the remaining four benefits require at least one of the elements shown on the right.

The only way to definitely establish which qualification you meet is to have a survey completed.

Qualifying Criteria

Please bear in mind this is for general guidance & convenience only. The following information cannot be relied upon to determine final eligibility.

Automatic for Persons on Pension Credit
Automatic for Persons receiving Child Tax Credit (household income should be below current threshold)


If you receive 1 of these benefitsYou also need 1 of these qualifying elements
Job Seekers AllowanceChildren below 16 years of age
Employment & Support AllowanceChildren below 20 years of age who are in full-time education
Income SupportChild Tax Credit which includes an element of disability
Disabled Child Premium
Disability Premium
Pension Premium


If you receive 1 of these benefitsYou also need 1 of these qualifying elements
Working Tax Credits – where your income is below the current thresholdBe responsible for any children who live in the household and are under 16 years of age
Be responsible for any children who are in full-time education (not higher education) and are under 20 years of age
Receiving disabled worker or severe disability element
Be 60 years of age or older

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