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What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?

What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?

Replacement Boilers for Central Heating

Having central heating installed for the first time, or as a replacement for an old broken central heating boiler can be an expensive process. Unfortunately, some households simply do not have the income to pay for a whole new central heating system.

Many lose out and simply stop using their central heating altogether. Instead they rely upon other heating methods such as portable gas heaters & electric, wood or coal fires. Which may seem to do the job at outset, but long term it will be more expensive, which is not what is needed for someone on a tight budget.

Some will just ignore the old boiler or have it decommissioned. This is very dangerous if the old boiler is not removed – as was very sadly the case for one poor lady who died as a result of a boiler explosion some years after ti was decommissioned – you can read the story here:

Financial help for replacing boilers & central heating

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What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?Реорlе with money troubles clearly will want to know if there is any help that they are eligible to receive which would help towards the cost or buying or replacing a central heating system – well there are some around.

There are government grants available for those over age 65 and also household with low incomes. You can shop around central heating suppliers & installers to see what deals or offers that they are prepared to do. Many will also be familiar with the grants, financial aid programs and promotions that are around at the time, so it could be well worthwhile speaking to a few companies to see how it goes.

Grants & Financial Help

Affordable Warmth in England & NEST in wales provide guidance and a lot of help:

They are government initiatives that help households on low incomes to be more energy efficient. Not only that, but for those families or individuals that are eligible to qualify, they can sort out packages of free improvements that cover home insulation, boilers and central heating.

Other Options

If you do not qualify for the government financial help for boiler grants, then you may benefit from looking around for the best deals that you can find. Suppliers will quite often run special offers & deals, and it can just be a matter of finding the right supplier at the right time.

Searching is probably best done online via the internet, as most reputable dealers will have a website and it’s possible to find hundreds of them listed in quite a short time, but to go through them all to find the best prices can be exhausting – let us do it for you, we can arrange competitive quotes through our network of accredited companies Nationwide. It’s also a real time saver to use our comparison services that can get you prices & quotes for free from a range of “gas safe” certified suppliers.

  • It could also pay dividends if you know what to look for in terms of the type of system you need replacing and you can find useful information here.
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