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Solar Panel Feed in Tariff 2016 updated for 2017
April 14, 2017
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Sound Proof UPVC Conservatories
April 14, 2017
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What Help is there with Central Heating Costs?

Boiler Price Guide

Financial Help & Grants for Central Heating

It’s not unreasonable for persons in this situation to want to know if there is any help they are entitled to which would cover the cost of a new central heating boiler.

The good news is that there is government grants available to pensioners & low income families claiming certain means tested state benefits and many heating companies will be able to assist in the application process, making it simple for anyone to see if they qualify for a “free boiler”

Grant Funding for Free Central Heating Boilers

What Help is there with Central Heating Costs?The money іs а provided through a Government imitative aimed squarely at the elderly & those families on low household incomes who rely on “means-tested” financial benefits.

The financial help is not a loan, so the grant for the cost of the installation never has to be repaid and so does not increase the financial burden on those already struggling to keep afloat.

New & Replacement boilers are so efficient (up to 95%) that once fitted, they are much cheaper to operate than any older boiler product.

In effect, once you get approved for the grant, the installer does the work and your utility provider, usually one of the “BIG 6“, pays for it under legislation that is known as The ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) – the utility companies are legally obliged to meet yearly targets to fund boiler grants.

  • HHCRO (The Home Heating Cost Reduction)
  • The ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) Free Boiler Scheme
  • You need a survey – which is free of charge
  • 100% cost grant for those who qualify


There is financial help for those who need it, such as elderly & low income families, to replace heating systems.

All you have to do is apply to find out if you are eligible via a registered “Gas Safe” installer, you can find out more here – free-boiler-grants

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