June 8, 2015
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External House Cladding
July 20, 2015
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Landscaping & Garden Hedges


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Spruce up your home with a new hedge

How about this for a nifty idea – a firm from Worcester in England have developed a system for creating new hedges that come in a bag! Known as the “Readybag range” you can find mature or large hedges, that will be trimmed in heights from ½ to 2 metre. This will depend on the species chosen and come in lengths of in 1metre,


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If you are not the world’s best horticulturalist, or your fingers are more “black & blue” than green, then there possible could not be a simpler way to create hedges & borders for your garden patio or driveway than this.

The company is called Readyhedge Ltd & they run a wholesale nursery where they grow “instant hedges (& screening plants) in troughs of around 1metre – these are ready for immediate planting and can be utilised in commercial or residential properties and come in container sizes from 1 to 4 metres.

They also have other products such as:

  • Pleached trees
  • Espalier fruit
  • High & low level screen panels

To find out more you can find them at:

Court Gate Nursery, Station Road, Eckington

Worcestershire WR10 3BB

Telephone: 01386 750585

  • Web Page:
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