Cavity wall insulation
Cavity wall insulation
August 3, 2015
What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?
What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?
April 14, 2017
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Removing Old Paint

Removing Old Paint

Useful Product for Paint Removal

Removing Old PaintThis product is going to come in handy for those of you who are tackling a refurbishment job that involves renewing or removing old paint or even if you are just going to change the colour of an old window or door

Peel Away® 7 which is a Solvent-Based Paint Remover is especially good at removing old lead based paints and can be used almost anywhere ad has the added bonus of being environmentally safe.

Not only is it good with lead based paints it claimed to be able to remove up to 20 layers of coverings and after you have peeled away the paint, the surface does not need any type of “neutralisation” afterwards.

Some of the surfaces that can be removed:

  • Lead based paints
  • Architectural paints
  • Varnishes
  • Epoxy Polyurethanes & Acrylics
  • Rubber,
  • Mastic
  • Can easily be used on either smooth or complex surfaces (such as mouldings or carvings)

Using Peel Away® 7 is not that difficult, it is a paste form which is laid over the surface (roller or brush). One that is done a special “blanket” is laid on top which slows down the drying of the paste and allows it to penetrate deeper into the layers of paint below.

Once it’s worked its way through all the layers (use a small area test patch to determine how long that is going to be) you remove the paste with a spatula and just give the surface a wash down (water)

It has been known to remove up to 20 layers of paint when applied properly

You can find it here:

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