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What Help is There with Central Heating Boiler Costs?
April 14, 2017
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Which Home Improvements Add Most Value?
April 14, 2017
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Solar Aerovoltaic Panels

Solar Aerovoltaic Panels

What Are Solar Aerovoltaic Panels?

This type of solar panel by R-VOLT has been called Aerovoltaic and is unique due to its’ ability to not only generate electricity, but to also make use of the heat generated by solar panels and direct it to supplement your home heating.

If that was not enough, the R-VOLT Aerovoltaic system can also cool & purify the air that circulates in your home.

aerovoltaic panelsBasically it can function on 4 levels:

  • Electricity generation
  • Home Cooling
  • Home Heating
  • Air Purification

The panels themselves are “double sided” and generate electricity in the same way as a standard solar panel with a 250-watt output per panel. However, it also utilises a mechanical heat recovery system to deliver the heat generated by the panels into to the home for domestic use.

  • This system is eligible for the UK Feed in Tariff Payments for Solar PV.
  • Taking the heat & power generation figures together shows the panels have an output of a huge 650w – 250w solar & 450w heat recovery.
  • The air filter & purification system can renew all the air in an average house in around 30 minutes & take out around 90% of pollutants.

Fitting the R-VOLT System

There are 2 ways to mount the panels on the roof. First is the “on-roof”, which is the usual method of mounting solar panels to a property.

Second is the “in-roof”. The In-roof option is visually great and can be almost “invisible” on a slate roof because the panels are black. Our view is the in-roof option looks much better even if it does involve more work and potential higher relative costs to fit.

What is the cost of the R-VOLT System?

Apologies, but we can’t offer a specific pricing selection here as the price will be based on what your requirements are and what work need to be done. However, the R-VOLT System is going to be comparatively costlier that an equivalent KW output “simple” Solar PV installation.

Taking all the features & benefits into consideration such as power, heating, cooling & filtration the value for money may very well be “more than acceptable” and something well worth considering for your home.

Images courtesy of Systovi – You can view more info about these solar panels on the Systovi website: http://www.systovi.com/en/produit/r-volt-2/

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