Producing Energy From Renewable Sources

The move towards more use of renewable energy sources in the UK was given a big push instigated by the Climate Change Act of 2008 which legally obliges us as a country to reduce our greenhouse gas production by 34% by the year 2020 & 80% by the year 2050 (as measured against a benchmark year of 1990).

As a result, consumers have quite a few options when it comes to using renewable energy in their homes and as an added incentive to invest in renewable energy, payment tariffs were introduced where home & business owners who install & operate this type of product can receive income for generating power or heat:

Previous articles on this site have information about various types of Solar Panels & Heat Pumps, so here is a short introduction to some of the other types of renewable energy products.

Biomass Boilers

These are for generating heat by burning logs or pellets or wood-chips and work usually with your domestic central heating.

This product can also qualify for the RHI which provides a 7 year term payment and can virtually cover the cost of installing a biomass boiler – plus you save on your home heating bills.

Solar Roof Tiles & Slates

An alternative to Solar Panels these solar roof tiles can replace your exiting roofing and totally blend into the overall look of a property – in areas where there are issues relating to planning permission or similar problems, such as listed buildings or areas of outstanding natural beauty, solar roof tiles can be an elegant solution.

Roof Ridge Wind Turbines

These installations work by taking advantage of airflow over the ridge-line of a pitched roof and are mounted on the ridge-line itself and can be used in both domestic & commercial buildings. They are designed to operate quietly and are claimed to generate maximum capacity from wind speeds as low as 25 mph (tested to 100mph).

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