Hot Water From Thermal Panels

Best used to supplement an existing home water heating system this renewable energy option can provide hot water for domestic use by absorbing sunlight and ambient heat via Flat Plate or Evacuated Tube configuration and a heat exchanger.

Mainly fitted to the roof of residential properties, they need to be installed facing South wherever possible to maximise the amount of exposure to the Sun. The hot water generated by Solar Thermal Panels is generally stored in an insulated tank for later use within the home.

Features & Options

  • Hot Water for Household Use
  • Income From Renewable heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Helps Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • Product & Workmanship Guarantees
  • Evacuated Tube & Flat Plate Collector
pressured solar thermal system

This type of Hot water system is not suited to be the sole source of hot water as they don't work at night and during colder weather the efficiency will drop - therefore they should be used alongside a regular immersion, gas or other domestic heating method.

Installation should be done by professionally certified companies (MCS registered) in order to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive Tariff and to make sure that your existing heating installation has the compatibility to run alongside the proposed thermal panels.

The work should also be covered by a workmanship warranty and possibly a maintenance contract that allows for yearly inspection to keep the panels is optimum working order.

solar thermal panels

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