Thermodynamic Solar Panels

The unique feature of this type of hot water system is that it operates 24 hours per day, providing a continuous source of hot water for use around the home - in effect it is very similar to an air source heat pump in that it extracts heat from the surrounding atmosphere, but has the added benefit of absorbing sunlight & solar radiation to create heat.

thermodynamic solar panelsThey are very efficient as, unlike a PV panel, they absorb heat from all sides of the panel - although it is best to fit them in a bright southerly facing position (on a roof, wall or ground) they are not as sensitive to orientation and can function efficiently in less optimum orientations such as on a wall.

Features & Options

  • 1 Panel can supply all hot water needs
  • Operates 24 hrs (day & night)
  • Reduces your energy bills
  • Smart & attractive slim line design
  • Works even in bad weather
  • Allows for retro-fit to your current water cylinder
  • Guaranteed Products

thermodynamic solar panelThey work by circulating a eco-friendly refrigerant around small tubes built into the panel (enters the panel at around -22 degrees centigrade) which absorbs heat from the atmosphere and becomes gaseous. The gas is then run through a compressor (which heats it even more) and a heat exchanger fitted inside the water tank. This brings the water temperature up to 55 degrees.

  • It is worth noting, however, at this time Thermodynamic panels do not qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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