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Triangular Solar Panels

triangle solar pv

How Triangular PV Panels Can be advantageous

Given that the UK has a very high percentage of what can be seen as irregularly shaped roofs and Solar Panels have been around quite a few years, it’s surprising that someone did not manufacture a triangular design before now.

One Company has finally got around to it & TriEnergia have produced them (at last) in both mono & polycrystalline versions.


  • Can work together with “square panels” to create an improved visual impact
  • Allows better maximisation space on the roof
  • Could make it worthwhile to fit solar PV where previously not practical due to space availability
  • Mono & poly options

triangle solar pvIt should be noted that in 2014 that the “non-black” versions had MCS accreditation, but the black version was in the process of undergoing assessment – check with your contractor about the current status or you can find search the latest here:

Combining these products with high quality inverters is essential, with both standard & micro inverters on the market, it could be a difficult choice as to which may suit your circumstances best – there are quite long warranties on the inverters, but if you need to repair a micro then someone will have to go onto the roof – check that the warranty covers the cost of accessing the roof or you could face an unexpected bill for repair or replacement.

At least one inverter manufacturer representative was prepared to answer this question, when asked he replied that photo’s would be needed to assess the access requirements then they would cover the cost, however, this is verbal not written!

John Francis James
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