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How Much Does a uPVC Front Door Cost?
April 22, 2017
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How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?
April 24, 2017
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How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost 2020?

ow Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?

What do uPVC Casement Windows cost in 2020?

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As one of the first things many property owners do, in terms of external home improvements, is to replace the windows in the house. So, if you need to buy them, here is a rough guide for uPVC casement windows prices.
In order to answer this, and many other questions about double glazed windows, we have put together what we call our complete guide for upvc casement windows in the UK.

Installing a well-made, good looking, long lasting, secure and energy efficient set of windows is important in terms of life-span, function and value for money. This article should help you find out more about the different options and prices available for casement windows.

According to insight data, there are over 12,500 companies in the UK that fit windows and doors. 11,000 of these companies buy their base products from a fabricator.

The basic idea of this page is that we aim to cover subjects such as:

  • How popular casement windows are in the UK & why.
  • Primary & secondary cost influencing factors
  • Types of material used in the manufacture
  • Main features & benefits of installing casement windows
  • Guides to average prices for casement windows in the UK

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What is a casement window & why are they so popular?

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How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?You can find a detailed description on Wikipedia, but a simple description of a casement window is that the casement is the part of the window that opens.

The opening section has hinges on the sides and it can open outward from the left, or from the right, depending on your preference.

A typical casement window “set” can have more than one opening section and is very often seen with top openers (which technically are “awning”). You do not, however, have to make the casement open, it can be a fixed window set (such as a picture window).

Reasons casement windows are popular

What makes this style a favourite in the UK is the combination of factors most people are looking for, which are usually:

  • 2020 Prices – uPVC Casement windows prices are very competitive and some good deals are in the market.
  • Availability – there are so many sources to buy them from.
  • Appearance – slimline frames, different finishes and lots of colour options.
  • Flexibility –  you can use a casement window almost anywhere.
  • Energy savings – latest designs offer up to A++ energy rating
  • Security – uPVC casement windows are as secure as you can make a window (without adding bars or grilles)
  • Life span – it’s undisputed. uPVC Casement windows can last decades with a little TLC.

UPVC Flush Casement Windows

Another design feature proving to be popular is the have flush uPVC Casement windows fitted. This style has the opening window sections “fitted flush” with the frames themselves.

This means that the whole surface of the window and frames are flat – in other words the opening section is not “raised “as in a standard casement design.

These flush-fit designs give the whole window unit a very sleek  and slimline appearance ideally suited to those who want a more “modern-look”.


What factors affect the cost of UPVC casement windows?

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The more obvious elements that affect the cost of casement windows are:


It won’t come as much of a surprise that a big window costs more than a small window, but within the obvious, there are sub-factors.

Extra wide individual sections within the frame could incur some kind of “one-off” charge if it means the frames have to be additionally strengthened or modified to cope with the demand of the design. A non-reinforced frame will have an inherent maximum useful width. So for wide or high picture windows bear this in mind.

Frame specification

What is a casement window & why are they so popular?In general, higher performance specifications for a upvc frame will have a higher initial cost attached. The things that are important to have are good weather seals, good thermal insulation properties, strong internal window beading and reinforced frames.

The corner joints for upvc frames and casements are “welded” together. Poor quality welding will eventually lead to frame distortion and separation of the joints at the corners. When this happens you get leaks and problems opening and closing the windows.

Trickle vents are also an important feature of the frame as they help to combat condensation – trickle vents are sometimes charged as an extra.

Opening Sections

Hinge configurationsIt’s quite common for suppliers to add a charge for each section that opens. This is because there are manufacturing and installation costs for the supplier to make and fit the opening section. So, therefore, it is reasonable to expect the cost to be passed onto the purchaser (you!).

Glazing & Glass

Unless it is an internal window, forget single glazing. Double glazing is the usual standard and triple glazing can be used if you feel the need for it. Everybody knows double glazed units have an “air-gap” (actually it’s a vacuum or filled with gas) between the outer & inner pane. But you may not be aware that the width of the gap can be varied.

The “air-gap” size can run from around 6mm up to just over 21mm with the wider gap units usually having a higher cost. If you fill the gap with an energy saving gas (Argon) you can expect that to add to the initial price also.

Different glass types have different price points. Glazing with Tempered, laminated, Low emissivity, patterned, leaded, frosted or otherwise “special” glass will impact on pricing.

Colour & surface finish options

coloured upvc windowsWhite upvc casement windows are hugely popular, but there are options to choose another colour. A decent supplier will normally have a choice of about 10 to 15 colour options.

As well as changing the colour you can also opt to have the surface finish of the upvc to be “wood grained”. This option mimics, to great effect, the look and feel of a timber window.

Expect a “premium” of between 10 & 20% for colour and woodgrain.

Types of material used in the manufacture

A standard upvc casement window will be made from an extrusion of, impact resistant, modified acrylic Unplasticised Poly-Vinyl-Chloride, formed into individual multi-chambered sections.

If the UPVC sections have been made by reputable manufacturers, then they will meet various British Standards and be “Kite marked”.

Free quotesGood quality upvc will have been tested for:

  • colour shift
  • sound insulation
  • thermal conductivity
  • heat reversion & heat ageing
  • impact resistance
  • heat resistance softening point / elasticity

You can see what the BSI Kitemark TM is all about via their website:


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Guides to average prices for casement windows in the UK

Prices shown are for guidance only. Always get a quotation from a reputable supplier, as prices are subject availability and to the specific requirements of your installation.

How much do fully fitted upvc casement windows cost ?

Casement Window Size Description of window   Fitted upvc casement window prices 
Single Opener: 600mm x 900mmWhite uPVCfrom £200
Single Opener: 1200mm x 1200mmWhite uPVCfrom £300
Single Opener: 940mm x 1600mmWhite uPVCfrom £450
 Full House uPVC Casement: 3 bedroom, 12 windowsWhite uPVCfrom £4,500 +

What does a supply only upvc casement window cost?

Casement Window Size Description of window SUPPLY ONLY casement windows prices  
1 pane, 3 opener: 600mm x 1200White uPVC (awning or side open)from £115 +
 2 pane, 1 opener: 1200mm x 1200White uPVC (awning or side open)from £155 +
3 pane, 2 opener: 1200mm x 1200White uPVC (1 side pane & 1 top pane open)from £195 +
3 pane, 2 opener: 1800mm x 1200White uPVC (side pane open, centre fixed)from £235 +

More Supply Only Casement Window Prices

Casement Window SizeDescription of window SUPPLY ONLY casement window prices 
4 pane, 1 opener: 1800mm x 1200mm White uPVC (3 top panes open. Centre main pane fixed)from £299 +
 3 pane, no opener: 1800mm x 1200mmWhite uPVC (awning or side open)from £195 +
3 pane, 2 opener: 1800mm x 1200mmWhite uPVC (2 side pane awning, centre pane fixed)from £235 +
4 pane, 2 opener: 2400mm x 1200mmWhite uPVC (2 side pane awning, 2 centre pane fixed)from £325 +
If you want to know prices for:

Main features & benefits of installing casement windows

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A to A++ Energy Ratings

High energy efficiency leads to a bug reduction in heat & cold transfer. Keeping your home warmer in winter & cooler in summer. Helping to reduce your household energy bills.

Design Choice

The huge range of design options means that you can use a Upvc casement window or variant in almost any situation. Big “feature” windows like Bay & Bow windows can make excellent use of the casement design as can the small places, such as bathrooms & washrooms.


The double glazing itself is much more resistant to breakage than a single glazed window. The use of locks that engage around the frame and stainless steel hinges mean that you get one of the most secure residential windows in the market.


With so many suppliers in the market it means that, once again, you are spoilt for choice. Our panel of accredited installers covers the UK and so, no matter where you live, we can find you competitive prices for all types of upvc casement windows.

Price range

As one of the most popular types of new or replacement window in the UK, and with so much competition for customers, it means that prices for upvc casement windows are always some of the best value for money around.

Low maintenance

Because upvc is such a low maintenance material, it means that you don’t have to waste your time keeping them in good condition. All it takes is a quick wash to keep them clean. and your regular window cleaner (if you have one) will be able to do that for you easily.

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How long does it take to fit uPVC casement windows for a 3 bed-semi?

Of course, it will finally depend on the individual  circumstances of your property. But assuming that there are no snags then, from the time they arrive with the windows, a competent team of installers can fit 8 to 10 windows in around 3 or 5 days. This will include “making good” around the new windows and removal / disposal of your old windows.


If you are replacing any type of Sash window with a casement window style, then there will be more work (and more expense) involved in “making good” because old sash window frames are much bulkier that new slimline uPVC frames.

If you were worried about having to move out of your home whilst the work is being done, there is no need to do so. A professional team can do the work with a minimum of disturbance (although they will need to come into the house at times to carry out some of the work).

Don’t forget to allow for the time it takes to make your windows. Unless you are buying “supply only” windows that are in-stock, you should allow from 2 to 8 weeks depending on your contractor.

All the installers on our panel who provide quotes are accredited by recognised UK Trade Bodies Such as:

trade associations

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