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Tapco slate roof tiles & systems

tapco slate

Image courtesy of TapcoSlate®

This company produces lightweight “synthetic” slate roofing – actually made from a blend of limestone & polypropylene which is fully recyclable.

The idea behind the product is to combine the classic slate roof appearance with modern technology. Apart from the cost difference there are considerable advantages to using this type of “synthetic slate” – for example:

  • Low weight – (12kg per sq m).
  • Useful for roofing with pitches down to 14 degrees angle
  • Real authentic slate fishing – virtually indistinguishable from the “real-thing”.
  • Simplicity of use (pre-marked nailing, guides & spacers.
  • No drama cutting – just use a fine tooth saw or Stanley knife.
  • TapcoSlate® say it doesn’t crack or break either when cut, dropped & walked on.
  • Very consistent colour through each batch of tiles.
  • Built in camber for tighter fit.
  • 40 year Limited lifetime warranty. 9see website for details)
  • British Board of Agrément tested & approved
  • Up to 20 different colour shades

Roofing installation companies have made claims that it also takes around 205 less time to fit a roof using this product – many hours being saved just by the ease by which the tiles can be cut to size easily and as a by-product there is also less wastage.

A range of other roofing accessories are also available, such as Slate Cowl Vent, Slate Hip and Ridge Caps, Slate Ridge Vent, Slate Dry Verge, Slate Vent Adaptor & Snow Guards.

One ideal situation for using them could be for either a new or replacement conservatory roof – many homeowners with a conservatory prefer not to have glass overhead that can cause major heat build up and as lightweight product replacing the double glazed panels with tiles can be a great alternative.

You can find out more at their website:

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