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Where can I Find Coloured Double Glazed Windows?

Where can I Find Coloured Double Glazed Windows?

UPVC Double Glazed Windows Colour Choice

Where can I Find Coloured Double Glazed Windows?With the latest designs and styles for replacement double glazing windows & doors you no longer have to stick with white as there is now a very wide range of colours and finishes available in the market place for the surfaces which offers at least a dozen alternate primary options – even options to have the inside a different colour and finish from the outside.

The colours for modern uPVC designs are not just an afterthought as was previously the case. Early attempts at this method often left homeowners disappointed when, after some time exposed to the British weather, the surface finish would start to crack, fade or peel off.

Modern manufacturing methods allow the colour to be created at inception and therefore the look, style and designs you have when you installed them is the one you keep for the life of the window, so much so that the manufacturers guarantee that the colour will not peel, fade or crack over the lifetime of the windows or doors

A second option that has become very popular is to have a wood-grain effect finish or surface to the installation, this is very effective when used on the latest composite doors as it makes them look and feel like a high quality hardwood door, When used for replacement uPVC Windows it gives a very pleasant authenticity to any home – combined with the choice of colours and designs available, the energy saving features, the long life span and high levels of security, installing modern double glazing is really well worth considering.

Some of the colours available are Black, Grey, Claret, Steel Blue, Racing Green, Dark Oak, Beech, Chartwell Green & many more. In terms of surface, it depends upon which colour you choose but you could select Grained colours, Wood grain or Smooth in either doors or windows designs.

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