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Double Glazed uPVC Windows & Residential Doors

Upgrading to Double Glazing or fitting uPVC Front Doors to your property is probably one of the most popular types of home improvement for the outside of the home and there are quite a few good reasons for doing so:

  • Improved appearance to the property
  • They can add value to your home
  • Good levels of security
  • Reduction in heat loss & noise pollution
  • Choice in terms of colours, styles & designs

WINDOWS 350Whether you are just looking for information, searching for ideas or want to find out about the cost of double glazing, you will be able to locate something to suit you on our website. There are a number of window & door options & designs available to choose from, each one having its own set of features that can enhance or even totally change the look of your home.

If you want to look more into personalising your property, then there are options for having the frames coloured and the surface finish can be smooth or have a wood-grain effect. More importantly, the colours and textures are created during the process of manufacture which means the problems encountered with early versions have been eradicated and the colours not fade, crack or peel off during the lifetime of the windows or doors.

For security, you can expect to have multi-point locking mechanisms as standard, with entrance doors benefiting from reinforced panels that resist, not only ‘day to day’ wear & tear, but also can defeat the most determined unwelcome visitor – meaning you & your family can enjoy a warm & safe environment.

Selecting a company to do your work.

front doorsWith so many companies to choose from, making the final choice of contractor may seem a bit of a lottery, but if you work to a set of criteria or guidelines then you can create a shortlist from which it will be far simpler to select a candidate that suits your circumstances.

You could have a list which has "essential" & "preferred" items within it, allowing you to decide which is most important in general and which is important to your particular needs. In this manner you will be able to rule out those contractors who do not have the "essential" ingredients and then shorten the list even more by moving to the 'preferred" items.

Suggestions for criteria


  • Certified or Accredited by a recognised UK Trade Body
  • National or Local Supplier
  • Product & Workmanship Warranties
  • Local Satisfied Clients
  • Written Quotations
  • On or below your budget
  • Office or Showroom in your area


  • Swift timescale for installation
  • Insured Deposit Guarantees
  • Can provide genuine testimonial from local customers
  • Well-known brand or company
  • Wide range of products
  • Financing availability
  • Currently has a special offer

Of course this is not a definitive listing and you could add or remove as per your individual preference - but if you judge all the companies that quote by the same measure then you can be more confident of getting a 'like for like' comparison and, more importantly, you will end up with a contractor that you can work with without a problem.

Some Common Questions & Answers

For this type of work (replacement or new build) building regulations can apply and therefore it is important to ensure that your installation is compliant. The best solution to this is to make sure you use a contractor who is accredited as ‘competent to self-certify’.

What this means is that the contractor is able to certify that the windows & doors meet current building regulations – in most instances you will need to use a company that is accredited by FENSA or CERTASS (all our installers who quote are certified).

Ratings for energy efficiency are produced in the UK by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council and indicate, by the use of a colour coded alphabetical system, how good or bad the whole unit is at retaining heat.

A positive or + rating indicates that the unit allows more heat into the room than it lets escape.

Ratings run from A+ (purple) to G (dark red) and are shown on the BFRC label.

If you are just trying to get a general idea of the cost of fully fitted doors or windows, then a ‘price over the phone’ may be enough to start with, but if you are serious about getting the work done then it is important to have the job properly measured.

Also discuss exactly what you want with the installer – once they produce a written quote based on this input there is no doubt as to what you are going to get for your money.

When having any home improvement work done you should look to use the most professional company and in the double glazing industry there are a number of Trade Associations the offer good consumer protection benefits.

The main association that offer vetting & accreditation would be

Using a contractor who is certified by these trade bodies is recommended at all times.

  • Greater & Central London
  • South East England
  • Midlands
  • South West England
  • Scotland
  • North East England
  • North West England
  • Wales